• 30 Plymouth St, Fairfield, NJ 07004


Location, Cleanliness, Service


When selecting the location for our distribution centers and warehouses, we had no other choice than to choose Fairfield, NJ, where On Time Delivery Service Inc. has its roots. At the time, we didn’t know the strategic advantage of the location we had selected. Fairfield is just 27 miles and 30 minutes outside the Ports of New York and New Jersey. This means we’re close enough to provide container unloading services and far enough to ensure the security of your products, providing easy access to all major highways running through this region. Utilizing this strategic positioning, our distribution centers act as a vital element to your supply chain, as a beachhead and major cross-docking point for freight of all kinds from overseas.

Not only are we in a pristine location for overseas imports to be distributed across the United States, but we are also located perfectly for distribution across the North East. The benefits of our North East location are not only limited to freight shipping directly from overseas but also from FTL shipments inbound from across the country. Shipping multiple times to the North East means that your freight is traveling the same number of miles, multiple times. Utilizing our drop shipping and cross-docking capabilities, you can minimize the miles traveled and redeploy from one central location, saving you time, and most importantly, money!


If you aren’t familiar with warehouses, then you may be wondering why cleanliness is a vital component to our success. If you are familiar with the grime potential of most warehouses, then you are going to sigh in reprieve. For the most part, the stigma of warehouses is accurate, as they are usually grubby. There’s a reason why the second cornerstone of our sales pitch is our cleanliness. What keeps things clean is the principle mentality of our founder, which includes using electric equipment only, being prepared for everything, and, most importantly, if you’re not busy, grabbing a broom.

The benefits of using electric equipment include noise reduction and alleviating the bi-product of dirty soot. Too many times, we have we seen freight come in soot-ridden, a proponent of a dirty warehouse and the use of propane forklifts. Our employees don’t want to work in a sullied environment, and your clients don’t want to receive compromised freight.

To us, cleanliness means keeping our floors and freight clean, as well as maintaining organization. The only way to succeed in our industry is to be neat and orderly. Being prepared for everything means knowing what freight to expect, preparing the space for storage, and knowing where all freight is at all times, even after it has left our facility.

And, most importantly, if you’re not busy – grab a broom.


Distribution relies heavily on people. Consequently, people make mistakes, and perfection may seem like a tall order. We know that we are not perfect, and we know that you are not, as well. How does this depict our level of service?

Our service is reflective of our size. We are not a massive distribution company with hundreds of people answering the phones and taking orders, but we know our clients by name. We pride ourselves in getting to knowing you well, anticipating your company habits, and, most importantly, anticipating your demands. We understand that we are becoming a vital part of your supply chain network.

When we assign a point of contact (CSR) within our company, know that you are one of the few clients that our CSR is responsible for. Our CSRs not only handle your sales, but they are also on the floor overseeing and fulfilling your orders. Over time, our CSR will understand your shipping habits, your products, your clients, and be able to anticipate and oversee your demands. This directly translates to our moto: Your Success is Our Success. When your product gets to your client correctly, on time, and undamaged – we all win.

Here at Warehousing Plus, we work to become a partner of your business, not a vendor. Your Success is Our Success.