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Distribution Services

General Warehousing

Storage: Offering over 80,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space, your merchandise is in good hands with 24-hour interior and exterior security monitoring.

  • Rack Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Oversize Storage
Shipping & Receiving

From suppliers and vendors, our inbound management of materials will always result in exceptional lead times. We follow first in first out inventory practices to ensure your stock doesn’t sit and collect dust.

  • Carton Shipping/Receiving
  • Skid Shipping/Receiving
Container Unloading (Devanning)

Conveniently located 30 miles from Maher, PNCT, and APM Ports in New Jersey, we specialize in unloading shipping containers. Whether your product is shipped palletized, or floor loaded, requiring devanning and palletization, we have the man power needed to ensure that your product is off of the container in a timely manner, accurately sorted, neatly palletized, and shrunk wrapped.

Cross Dock

Our Cross-Docking service allows our clients to bring in bulk shipments via floor loaded containers that need devanning, transloading FTL loads, or rail containers. Unload freight, tag, and redistribute out same-day or next-day, depending upon the requirements of your freight. The advantages of utilizing our expedited distribution service include quick turnaround,reduced warehousing costs, reduced inventory, reduced handling, support of Just-In-Time inventory stocking methods, and decreases turnaround time from vendor to customer – from the port of New York and New Jersey.

Our Other Distribution Services

  • Bring in freight from overseas and have Warehousing Plus serve as your national distribution center and beachhead for the rest of the nation. Utilizing our container unloading and fulfillment services, we can send your products directly to its destination, schedule, and coordinate all the shipments.
  • Situated in the heart of major markets, including New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, Warehousing Plus is a prime location to assist you with your distribution needs throughout the East Coast, shipping freight in from out West and South.
Inventory Management

As soon as your product hits our dock, our inventory management process begins. Your product will be uploaded into our software, tracked throughout the warehouse, and then documented on where the product was shipped to. We can track serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates, weights – you name it. We can also notify you when a product is getting low. Just indicate to us the inventory threshold level you would like to be notified of, and our system will automatically send you an email that includes the product number, inventory level, and reorder quantity.

Minor Assembly

When a product needs to be customized prior to delivery, trust that our assembly and fulfillment can be done on-site at Warehousing Plus. When your customer orders a specific product, it will ship assembled for their convenience. This reduces your shipping costs since you won’t need to pre-assemble the product before it’s stored in our warehouse. You can also order multiple parts from different vendors, having them arrive ready for assembling at Warehousing Plus™.


Whether your project is long term or short term, Warehousing Plus has the skill, technology, and experience to fulfill your clients’ orders accurately and on time.

FDA Certified

Warehousing Plus is FDA certified to handle dry FDA goods.

Special Handling
  • Application of Vinyl Graphics
  • Parts Installation
  • Motorcycle de-crating